Inspiration RX is a Utah based skydive demonstration team that conducts demonstrations all over the USA. We are focused on creating memorable skydive demonstrations that will captivate your audience and raise the profile of your Utah based event. The Inspiration RX skydiving team understands the importance of brand awareness, public relations, and being positive role models for Utah's younger generation. When you work with Inspiration RX, you can trust that you will be working with professional skydivers that will deliver a first class experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who are looking to the sky.

Inspiration RX is partnered with the Los Angeles based PR Agency CMPR to ensure you, your event, and your brand gets the highest quality media coverage available.  CMPR is a sports and entertainment PR agency that works with some of the biggest names in the industry.  Together we leverage our skydiving experience with the PR / marketing experience of CMPR to get your event and your sponsors the priceless exposure that is necessary in today’s age of mass and social media. Now your Utah based event can get Los Angeles style publicity.

Nothing kicks off an event better then skydivers swooping onto the field with a sponsor banner and an American flag. Wither your event is based in Utah or elsewhere in the USA a Skydive demonstrations will raise the profile of any event and create a unique and memorable branding opportunity for your sponsors.

The Utah market space is very competitive and in order to succeed you must give your brand unique exposure that will be remembered. Our Utah based skydivers can demand the attention of any size group which will ensure your brand will stand out. Imagine your banner flying behind a skydiver landing in front of 50,000 or more.

Inspiration RX Is passionate about being positive role models for today's youth. Skydivers landing in front of an assembly will open them up to a message that inspires them to stay drug and alcohol free while inspiring them to dream big. This gives us an opportunity to give back to our Utah communities and make a difference.

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